Best Desserts in Reno

Craving for some sweets in Reno?

Reno has many delux dessert shops in town and oh do we love a good sweet treat. However, having a ton of sugar each and every week can really ruin the healthy habits you’re creating with food. Building healthy habits with food doesn’t mean you have to cut out those tasty treats, even the ones that your sweet tooth is craving. 

Where to find desserts in Reno that are fresh and healthy?

Look no further than Meal Prep Reno for your desserts in Reno. We have a handful of sweets to add to your pantry that satisfy any sweet tooth.

Our favorite dessert nights come from homemade treats made with love growing up. Fresh baked cookies never get old. MPR bakes fresh cookies weekly for you to add a sweet treat to your cart and have something “naughty” for that sweet tooth of yours. 

Life is all about balance - with balance comes Reno desserts.

Top of our list for good eating is a good dessert. What makes a good treat? A dessert that isn’t jam packed with extra additives. Our treats have just the right amount of sugar to make them tasty.

What makes MPR desserts the best desserts in Reno?

Knowing when, how and why food is made is part of the battle when eating healthy or planning out our meals for the week. Because we are here to get healthy food to your door, we know that at some point during the week you will crave something sweet.

Add those Chocolate Chip Cookies to your cart! For those counting calories, fats or carbs, adding our desserts to your routine is easy with our breakdown of each category. If you’re not a counter and want to use or are using our services to make sure you’re eating quality food that is healthy and tastes good then BOOM, now you know to add treats to that meal plan of yours.

No more driving around to find an open store, or dessert shop! 

Sometimes those sweet tooth cravings come out of nowhere. They convince us to hop into our cars and drive aimlessly around looking for desserts in Reno. Sometimes you get lucky and find an open shop, but most of the time the last option is to roll into the grocery store and snag some Oreos or Chips Ahoy off the shelves. We’ve been there!

Now imagine this. You just finished having dinner, the food has settled and the night is getting ready for a close but that sweet tooth starts to sing. Already in your comfy clothes, running to the grocery store is just not gonna happen. But wait! With your MPR order you added the Miso Cookies this past week, now that is a win in our books!

Miso Cookies are the best desserts in Reno

Miso Cookies

Per 1 Cookie
Calories: 239
Protein: 3
Fat: 45
Carbs: 129

Ingredients: butter, wheat flour, brown sugar, white miso, egg, vanilla, salt, baking soda

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