Who’s in charge of naming the best restaurant in Reno?

Sometimes we get warped into the idea of what is the BEST place to eat - while most of the time those best restaurants are usually good they can be out of budget or take up time from the busy day, that has turned into night and we’re still not sure how much we got done. 

Picking the best restaurant is easy, especially since Reno’s Best Restaurant is Lurking Somewhere Unexpected. We’re not a traditional restaurant per say but we do hold ourselves high with knowing that the best restaurant can be right in your own kitchen.

Stellar ingredients with top notch taste

Most of the time we’re looking for the best restaurant in Reno because we don’t have a meal planned or ready to go at home. Using Meal Prep Reno you’re able to schedule your meals accordingly and turn that fidge from just holding sparkling water to a plethora of meals that will have something you and your taste buds are looking forward too.

Take a peek at some of the recipes that will turn your kitchen into the best restaurant in town:

Chicken Marsala in Meal Prep Reno prep containers

Wine Braised Beef and Polenta in Meal Prep Reno prep containers

BBA Pork Plate in Meal Prep Reno prep containers

Salmon and Season Succotash

Vegetarian Pesto Pasta in Meal Prep Reno prep container


For more deluxe recipes visit our a la cart options to find more.

Not only did you land on the BEST restaurant in Reno, you scored healthy and quick

When we think of the best food, we know that health and time are MAJOR factors. Knowing where, how, when and why your food was made makes the food even better. We take prepping your food seriously.  We consider fresh, quality ingredients with playful and wholesome recipes even how we deliver the prepped meals. Because you matter! 

Here’s another recipe we think you should try!

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