Cozy Date Night Ideas in Reno

Best date night ideas in Reno - from the comfort of your home

Romantic evenings in just got a little cozier. Delectable dinner for two is your best date night in Reno - all from the comfort of your own table, or couch!. Its never been easier to choose a healthy dinner for two. We prepare and deliver your meals right to your door with care and packed with flavor..

With more time being spent at home these days, romantic things to do in the Reno area can sometimes be a hard find. Re-define social distancing with your partner instead by snuggling up with your locally provided, locally sourced and delicious dinner! Meal Prep Reno has your family nights, or date nights in, covered with creative date night ideas in the Reno area that aim to please. 

Creative Date Night Ideas in Reno Tahoe

 MPR Dates to fit any lifestyle:

  1. Take Date Night Anywhere: Did someone say pic-nic? That sounds fantastic! Choose a creative date night idea in the reno tahoe area by taking your MRP meal to gaze at the stars, or to your local drive in and snuggle up to a new movie!
  2. Adventure Awaits! Take date night to a destination located right in your backyard! Lake Tahoe has public beaches offering the perfect sunset meal with MRP, your best date night in the Reno Tahoe area yet!
  3. Hot and Steamy! Take your MPR on the go on your way to a hot springs date! The locations might be hard to find, but the most creative date night ideas in Reno and Tahoe won't be!

Romantic Things to do in Reno

Life and schedules often make it hard to find the time for romance anymore, but setting aside the time to select a meal for a designated date night is more convenient than ever. Reconnecting with your partner, and enjoying a date night from your own home is the new creative date night idea. Subscriptions for meals ahead of time will allow you to actually finish a hot meal with your partner, without little interruptions.

Our Favorite Creative Date Night Meals

“I smell Children,” (Hocus Pocus, Halloween reference, we had to add it!) oh, wait, that's just another scrumptious meal from Meal Prep Reno. Wine and dine your significant other from home this fall with our delectable menu options all week long! Skip the uber wait, best of all skip the grocery line, and insead be prepared for any date night by ordering ahead and having the best date night idea in Reno!

Wine Braised Beef with Polenta

Calories: 602
Protein: 56
Fat: 28
Carbs: 28
Ingredients: Beef, corn polenta, milk, water, parmesan, butter, mozzarella, asiago, fontina, nutmeg, canola oil, carrot, onion, garlic, celery. thyme, rosemary, oregano, porcini, Calabrian chili, tomato paste, red wine, beef bouillon, corn starch, pepper, salt.

Sweets for Your Sweet

After dinner, keep your sweet tooth and your better half satisfied with dessert!
Meal Prep Reno offers an assortment of mouth-watering treats that are so tasty you will forget they’re healthy. Macros and ingredients are easily displayed alongside every option, instant gratification.

Peanut Butter Balls

Per Ball:

Calories: 109
Protein: 3
Fat: 6
Carbs: 14

Ingredients: Peanut butter, honey, unsweetened coconut flake, vanilla extract, vegan chocolate chips, and rolled oats.

Creative date nights in Reno, don't have to be complicated, and neither should your recipe for your dinner. Meal Prep Reno lists all ingredients used for each dish individually, allowing not only you, but your taste buds to enjoy one of the best date night ideas in Reno. Leaving everyone feeling a little extra, grateful, thankful, and blessed this year.


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