Looking For Premade Meals for the Week?

Meal Prep Reno offers Prepared Meals Delivered in Reno & Surrounding Areas

Looking for premade meals for the week? Meal Prep Reno offers a variety of meals to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy individual or you have a family, our meals are delivered fresh, without sacrificing flavor. We are a meal delivery, meal prep, small business in Reno, Nevada, ready to make your life and the ones you love a little easier!

As business owners and parents, Whitney and Josh understand the demand of a busy schedule. Even as single individuals chasing dreams and getting work done, having the option to have a wholesome meal prepped and ready to eat would have been so rewarding, and thus the conception of delicious, diet-friendly meals on the go.

From our table to yours, we understand the need to eat healthily and have a healthy meal option! That’s why we’re so passionate about Meal Prep Reno. “We are passionate about making wholesome and delicious meals convenient for everyone. Your time is precious and so is your health. We help you honor both.”

Premade Meals for the Week Delivered - breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

For a lot of us, we lead a busy life - this includes rushing out the door in the morning and skipping breakfast, coming home late and grabbing something on the way, or simply eating what’s available. But what if this could change? What if all your meals could be premade meals delivered fresh? This could be a potential game-changer in saving you time. 

Breakfast - a healthy meal option

Let’s start with our seasonal egg & sausage frittata - an easy option to heat up in the morning and the perfect grab-and-go! If you’re more health-conscious, or just simply prefer egg whites, - we have an option for that! 

Calories: 261 
Protein: 23 
Fat: 16 
Carbs: 3
Ingredients: Parmesan, Black pepper, salt, scallions, lean turkey sausage, egg, and canola oil.

Lunch - ready to eat

Balanced meals are an important inclusion of every diet. Our prepared meals have a wide variety of options ranging from salads and, rice bowls to pasta! 

Our Mediterranean Chicken Salad is mouthwatering. This meal is perfect for a lighter option while- not skimping on flavor and still being filling.  

Calories: 500 
Protein: 5
Fat: 41
Carbs: 8

Ingredients: chickpeas, red wine vinegar, oil, sumac, onion, tomato, cucumber, feta, chicken breast, cabbage, onion


Dinner - Reno meal delivery

Running solo or have picky eaters at home? 

Making more than one meal can be time-consuming. That’s why pre-picked, premade meals delivered straight to your doorstep solves the problem! 

Our system is perfect - you simply pre-choose your meals for everyone the week before and we deliver them to you ready to eat! 

Looking for something unique or traditional? We have a wide variety of palette friendly meals that also come in diet restrictive options - gluten-free, vegetarian, low-carb, and vegan!

Low-Carb Cuban Pork Bowl

Calories:  748
Fat: 46
Carb:  47
Protein: 44

Ingredients: pork, black beans, plantains, cilantro, oregano, garlic, orange, lime, jalapeno, cumin, coriander, dry oregano, Dijon, white vinegar, agave, oil, cauliflower rice


Family Style Meals, premade meals

When the whole family can decide on what to eat, - it’s a beautiful thing! Our family-style meals are well suited for those that prefer or need extra time in lieu of cooking. Premade family meals delivered to your door without skimping on flavor is our specialty. 

Lasagna Bolognese with Caesar Salad

Serves 4-6 people

Includes: Lasagna & Caesar Salad

Calories: 664
Fat: 32
Protein: 45
Carbohydrates: 49

Ingredients: beef, pork, olive oil, pepper, carrot, onion, celery, garlic, herbs, dry porcini, chili paste, tomato paste, red wine, beef bouillon, tomato puree, parmesan, fat-free cream cheese, flour, romaine, parmesan, chickpeas, canola oil, anchovy, garlic, salt, black pepper, Worcestershire, Dijon, lemon juice, egg yolk

It’s Party Time - Bulk Meals

The convenience of bulk meals, whether you’re using them in place of family-style meals, supplementing them throughout the week, or need them for a quick get together, - bulk meals are perfect for large gatherings! 

Premade meals for the week? More like premade parties in a pan! 

Let us save your next large group gathering with premade meals delivered in Reno and the surrounding areas! 

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