Meal prep services can help you lose weight!

Meal prep services can help you lose weight!

Let’s face it. Food isn’t something we as humans can escape, and to be honest we DON’T want to live a life without it. Most of us live fast paced lives. Running the kids to and from soccer practice, getting our own workout in, making sure that we are spending time with the family. The desire of having a personal chef feels like a fantasy - but meal prep services can be YOUR personal chef. 

Our meal prepping company focuses on providing foods high in nutrients along with helping plan those meals ahead of time. 

What meal prep services provide for you?

We don’t only want to be a meal prepping company that provides prepared meals to your door. We want to fill your body with foods that are good for you. That’s why our meal prep services include ready to blend smoothies for breakfast or as a snack, tasty breakfast foods and meals that are great for lunches and dinners.

We understand that not all foods have the same value of nutrients, so we want to make sure that our meal prep services provide you meals with ingredients that are of high quality and full of the nutrients. 

Our meal prep services provide foods high in nutrients

Salmon, kale, garlic and potatoes are way too good to be true when it comes to nutrient content. There are many foods that provide a good punch of nutrients with less calories and we try to make sure that we have plenty of these options when it comes to our meal prep services for you.

Not all fish are quiet as perfect when compared to salmon. Salmon is high in omega-3s fatty acid, along with other proteins, minerals and vitamins including magnesium, potassium, selenium and vitamin B.

Greens in your food are super important! And we have a handful of this king green to make sure that your body is getting all the vitamin B6, vitamins C, A, and K1 as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper and manganese.

Prepared meals to make your life easier and your body happier

Some prepared meals that our meal prep company has to offer that include these highly recommended foods are Salmon with Seasonal Succotash, Vegetarian Chicken Marsala, and Kale Pumpkin Seed Pesto Pasta with Chicken, plus more. We love to include garlic in most of our dishes, for the added benefits they provide along with the tasty flavors they bring out in each of our options.

Planning ahead with prepared meals can actually help you lose weight

Yes, you read that right! By planning ahead, those days that get away from you don’t control your meals. Using a meal prep company can help you balance the calories that are being taken in, along with knowing what days are too busy to make a meal from scratch. 

Using meal prep services can help you create a menu for the week, providing you with meals that are ready to heat up and serve. A major cause of not being able to shed those last few pounds, or the trouble of keeping off the weight can be the late night eating, the quick stop at Wendy’s or not realizing how many calories were consumed in one day. We want you to take advantage of our meal prep services so that prepared meals are delivered to your door once a week! Part of the excitement when it comes to a meal prep service, is that we are not only a meal prepping company but part of your community!

Meal Prep Reno - Lose Weight with Portion Sizes

Salmon with Seasonal Succotash

Calories: 518

Fat: 18

Carb: 47

Protein: 41

Ingredients: salmon, salt, corn, poblano, onion, garlic, zucchini, green beans, thyme, lemon zest, parsley, butter, brown rice

Meal prep services don’t make you lazy! They help you delegate time elsewhere so that you’re still keeping that body balanced, those to-dos checked and a smile on your face.

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