Save the Cooking for the Big Day - Pre Thanksgiving Meals are Your Best Friend

Fall brings the holidays and the holidays bring a long laundry list of to-do’s before family and friends can gather round. Your plate is full enough, and it's not even time to feast! 

Holiday’s can bring stress not even the most prepared of planners could be ready for. But one of the best things about the holidays is good friends, family and good food! Pre-Holiday healthy meals can offer more than just a little bit of peace and quiet around the dinner table this year - not to mention less on your to-do list! 

Holidays often overtake our meal-prep, goal driven, dedicated minds. The extra gobble to our wobble quickly makes us forget all about the importance of pre-holiday healthy eating and let’s face it, healthy meal planning in general. With a meal prep service you can plan your pre-holiday dinners and stay one step ahead of those pesky sweet thoughts or quick fast food grabs. With meal prep services pre-holiday dinners you’re sure to be a hit with even the toughest of taste bud critics. 

Pre-Holiday Healthy Meals Quick Guide

Great-full, thank-full, tummy-full, schedule-full! Blink, and the last few months of the year are in full effect. The timer trickles down, as we finish the last few things we think we always will have time to finish, and just like that we realize we are running low on fuel and haven't eaten all day! Meal prep services make it easy to heat and eat; skip the prep-time and sink full of dirty dishes.

Meal Prep Reno: Calabrian Chili Meatloaf & Whole Grain Mustard Gravy Standard

Calories: 536
Protein: 39
Fat: 26 
Carbs: 35 

Ingredients: Turkey, onion, garlic, milk, gluten-free breadcrumbs, Calabrian chili, tomatoes, whole grain mustard, chicken stock, potatoes, cornstarch, parsley, eggs, and seasonal vegetables.

Calabrian Chili Meatloaf & Whole Grain Mustard Gravy Low Carb

Calories: 480
Protein: 39
Fat: 22
Carbs: 6

Ingredients: Turkey, onion, garlic, milk, gluten-free breadcrumbs, Calabrian chili, tomatoes, whole grain mustard, chicken stock, cornstarch, parsley, eggs, and seasonal vegetables.

Meal Prep Reno - Ground turkey meatloaf, whole grain mustard gravy, broccoli

Skip the stress, with these 10 quick meal tips for the holidays for pre-thanksgiving meals:

Meal Prep Reno has 10 helpful tips to keep you full this holiday season.

  1. Meal Prep Reno offers Subscription plans

We get every second is valuable and constituency is key in healthy eating.
Order your pre-holiday healthy meals for days or weeks at a time.
We are currently offering 5, 10, 15, and even up to 20 meals to be ordered within a week.
Easy and convenient online ordering for pre-cooked meals for the holidays. 


  1. Remember Healthy Choices

Drooling over all things the upcoming holiday may bring with those wafting aromas wandering through the house? 

We offer convenient and healthy alternatives to our normal menu such as gluten-free, low carb, vegan and vegetarian options.


  1. Take it one meal at a time

Planning ahead can free up so much time in your schedule especially during the holiday season. 

Meal prep Reno makes it easy to choose breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Taking the stress off of the pre-thanksgiving meals. 


  1. Take your meals on the go

Traveling for the holidays means road stops, snacks, and easy temptation. Avoid the urge, instead indulge in your already ordered pre-holiday healthy meals on the go!


  1. Choose Delivery your way

Delivery is easy with pre-holiday dinners. 

Don't have time? Who does! Choose to have your meals delivered to your home or work address. Not available at either? Not a problem! Leave an accommodatable size iced chest outside of your home, and your pre-thanksgiving meals can be left inside.


  1. Indulgence isn’t always a bad thing

Indulgence doesn't have to be something we feel guilty about. Life is about proportion control. Why not proportion your way to your goals with the ease of our Pre-Holiday Dinners. Have a sweet tooth? Meal Prep Reno offers a variety of cookies to satisfy any craving.


  1. Gift cards for ease

Told you’re in charge of a dish and struggling with what to bring? Looking for a gift for a busy friend or family member?

Gift cards can be bought on our website to make it easy for pre-holiday healthy eating!


  1. Keep Track of your favorite meals

Choices, choices, choices! Mix and match your favorite meals with Meal Prep Reno. 

Routine doesn't always have to be a drag. Keep track of your favorite meals, and combinations. Recommend them to a friend, or keep them for your own yummy indulgence to remember your pre-holiday meals for next year!


  1. Ask for Help

Meal Prep Reno is available for questions, concerns, or just communication. 

You can always reach out to, regarding the best online ordering for pre cooked meals for the holiday’s. 


  1. Remember to enjoy this time

Being one step ahead of the curve by ordering your easy pre-holiday dinners will allow you more time with the family, less dished and even more time for the important memories. 


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