We just can’t get enough of our smoothies!

Smoothies are such a delight on a hot summer day! Here at Meal Prep Reno, blending up a smoothie for the morning beats no other breakfast. Weekdays or weekends finding a smoothie in Reno can be as easy as a few clicks!

We know we have some of the best smoothies in Reno, just take a look at all the blends of berries and other goodness. Most of us are the most active when it comes to our summer schedules. From going hiking, to swimming at the lake and even bike rides around our neighborhoods, having a treat - with some good sources of nutrition - is a great way to keep you going on these long sunny days.

Smoothies are a healthy option for breakfast

Something that all of us should know - healthy food CAN be tasty. To be healthy we aren’t having to give up a plate full of YUM when we’re working on our BUM! Yes, that’s right we said it, fruit smoothies are a healthy option. Smoothies in Reno can be hard to find or have a ton of added sugars. Our smoothie plans have your calories counted, so you can count down the hours to beach time.

Some of the smoothies we think are perfect sippers:

Berry and Oats Smoothie in a Meal Prep Reno Cup

Green and Green Smoothie in a Meal Prep Reno cup

Protein and greens smoothie in a Meal Prep Reno cup

With our 5 Smoothie Plan or 10 Smoothie Plan you for sure will be making your tummy smile with something yummy. Choose which plan works for you or try the smoothie that calls out to you with the a la carte option! 

Helping that google search: “Best Smoothies in Reno”

We want there to be good in the world. And by good in the world we mean good food, that’s good for your body, your lifestyle without sacrificing taste. With the smoothies we offer we’re doing just that, taking one step towards the goal of healthy, tasty living.


Our smoothies are full of fruits, veggies, protein and natural sugars. We don’t add preservatives or more sugar than what the good fruits provide! While of course we’re biased, we think that we have the best smoothies in Reno. And the cherry on top, they’re delivered to your door weekly!

Women holding a Meal Prep Reno protein and greens smoothie in glass cup

Protein & Greens Smoothie

If made with water:
Cal: 507
Protein: 23
Fat: 15
Carb: 45
Ingredients: Banana, spinach, hemp, flax seed, peanut butter and pea protein. We suggest mixing our smoothies with either water, coconut milk, almond milk, whole milk or oat milk. 

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