Terms and Conditions

Live in a gated community? Not a problem, we'll just need access whether that's a gate code or informing security of our delivery. If we can't get through, you won't get your meals and you’ll be stuck hangry.

Remember we deliver every Sunday or Monday from 9am-3pm, in a perfect world you'll be home waiting for your delicious delivery, but we realize you might be out living life. If that's the case we'll need you to leave a cooler with ice at your door for delivery. Keep in mind summer temperatures can warm that cooler up so plan accordingly.

If you're not home, or we are unable to make your delivery because of a gate or similar issue we'll hold onto your meals and you can schedule a time to pick them up. We unfortunately cannot offer refunds in relation to the above issues. Give us a call and we'll do everything we can to make proper arrangements for your upcoming deliveries!