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I'm down just over 32lbs as of today. A lot of people ask me how I've been able to lose the weight. Honestly, it's classic: diet and exercise! Lots of exercise in my case. Probably the most important part of my journey: Food! I completely changed the way I eat. I used to eat at restaurants/fast food 3+ times a week EASILY if not more. I hate cooking and I don't know how to do it. What saved me this time around? MealPrepReno.com. They have been paramount in this journey. The food at Meal Prep Reno is nothing short of phenomenal. I've been using them for 7-8 months now and have never gotten tired of the food, still tasty as heck...and I don't work for them or have any gain at all by endorsing them...they just plain rule.

-Kelly Dow


When I started Meal Prep Reno it was the beginning of Lent and I had just given up junk food, so it was a perfect time to begin receiving healthy pre-cooked meals. I convinced my husband to give it a shot, and now we have a subscription that we love! Without eating junk food during lent, and with consistently proportioned food levels across meals,  I have been able to better recognize my energy levels after eating. I feel full and satisfied after our meals, and my husband and I have begun using Meal Prep Reno as a guide in our own cooking on weekends. Meal Prep Reno has been a blessing and I am always so excited to see what meals we get on Sunday.

-Kyleigh Abittan


Being a mommy of two with a part-time job made it incredibly difficult to make healthy meals for myself. Fortunately enough, I learned about Meal Prep Reno through I Love Kickboxing Reno! I was easily able to shed 15lbs and make healthier choices with my food! Thank you Meal Prep Reno for making it easier to eat better while taking the stress of meal prepping for the week!

-Kristy Browett


Meal Prep Reno gives me a tasty, convenient, and affordable option to eat healthy food so I can spend more time focused on my family, career, and working out. Getting in shape is more about the food you put in your body than time spent at the gym, and the fresh meals delivered to my house make it easy to eat well at lunchtime. The meals are consistently great, keep me going through the day, and have definitely contributed to solid results for me. I'd highly recommend them to anybody!

-Randy Cox